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Robo Yantriki

The robotics club at SNU is an innovator's paradise. We still might not have been able to build the ironman suit, but we have many project at hand, completed and ongoing. The club not only innovates and develops new projects and experiments with the latest trending technologies, but also offers indispensable guidance, workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipment, components and workspace.

The robotics club at SNU was formed with a few passionate students. The number of people now participating has been ever growing. Our activities range from conducting internal workshops for hands on experience to conducting competitions and talks on robotics. The members of the club periodically meet and discuss on the next fruitful course to take. We are always on the look for innovators and innovating technologies. The workshop on Arduino was one guiding hand for the newbies wherein almost 90 people participated and learned basics of robotics. We have a large stock of equipment so that our innovations are never on a halt! We also encourage sharing equipment and knowledgebase to all who can innovate and help the robotics club grow. The club has a record of around 10 projects so far and some really exciting ongoing projects.

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