Dr. Harpreet Singh Arora and Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal, Assistant Professors receives grant of 28 lakhs for a three year from Naval Research Board (NRB)

  • Dr. Harpreet Singh

Dr. Harpreet Singh Arora and Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal, Assistant Professors in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, received research grant  of for Rs. 29 Lakhs for their reseach proposal “Modulating Coating Properties for Enhanced Protection from Erosion-Corrosion: A Systematic Approach on Delineating the Effect of Post-Processing Conditions” by Naval Research Board (NRB).

The project aims to develop superior coatings for marine components which are typically subjected to erosion, corrosion as well as erosion-corrosion environment. The inherent lamellar microstructure of thermal sprayed coatings and presence of splat boundaries, pores and un-melted particles results in anisotropic behavior together with poor mechanical and tribological properties. The study includes development of some novel coating compositions followed by their postprocessing using different techniques including microwave sintering, high strain deformation and heat treatment. This will be useful to develop fundamental understanding on the influence of key parameters on the microstructural refinement, mechanical properties as well as structure-property relation of coatings, which is still not well understood.