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Creativity & Concept in Design

Course Description

Conventionally engineering dose not projects its association with art or in larger sense aesthetics. Engineering is believed to do with machines and its tools to produce various components for larger products. During the turn of the 20th century such concept started changing to give birth to a new direction of industrial design. Design as a whole has emerged as a branch of applied filed that provided new outlook- creativity in design. Due to the 21st Century Globalization Policy, the Consumer Products have taken the centre stage of the nation’s review generation. With this new outlook creativity in Industrial Design bridged between art, science, and technology.
The course intends to introduce the concept and creative manifestation of design. The course would give a brief outline of design history and the design process. It is an elementary course in design that envisages developing understanding the Design Process leading towards innovative thinking. The course emphasizes on practical work, hands on experience. It is a project oriented learning method that allows exploring material handling and experimentation. It is a Product Design Course that encourages towards Innovative Design concept and its implementation through fabrication. The course does not expect of high-end technology driven project. Based on our day to day problem each project is encouraged to come up with simple solution. Each project has to be presented with a working model. The creativity and concept would remain the USP of the project

Course Assessment

Theoretical Assessment: 20% (theoretical study intends to build an overall understanding on the creativity of design based on historical references and day to day experiences).
Project Assessment: 80% will be based on- creativity, innovative concept, fabrication process, functionality of the model, etc.

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