Kinematics & Dynamics of M/cs | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Kinematics & Dynamics of M/cs

Kinematics: Review of kinematics of Machines (KoM), Linkage Mechanism and their Inversion, Velocity in Mechanism, Acceleration in Mechanism. Engine force analysis, Flywheel and Turning moment diagrams: single and multicylinder steam engines. Balancing: Static and Dynamic balancing of machines, Governors: Various types of governors, Sensitivity, Stability, Effort and Power of Governors. Gears: Gear and Gear trains, law of gearing, Gear Interference and undercutting, Reverted and planetary gear trains, Sun and planet gear. Gyroscope: Effect of gyroscopic couple on the stability of aero planes & automobiles Vibration: Mechanical vibration, free and forced vibrations of single and multidegree-of-freedom systems, Critical speeds of shaft.

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