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Principles of Industrial Engg.

Introduction to Industrial Engineering: History, Definition, product/process strategy, trend in IE, Scope of IE, Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness.  Production Planning and Control: Functions, forecasting, sequencing, operations planning; Gantt chart, work order  Aggregate Production Planning, Material Resource Planning  Inventory Control: Scope, purchasing and storing, economic lot size; ABC Analysis.  Work Study: Scope, work measurement and method study, standard data, ergonomics and its industrial applications.
S.No. Title Author 1 Modern Production / Operations Management E.S. Buffa, and R.K. Sarin, , John Wiley & Sons 2 Industrial Engineering and Management Ravi Shankar
3 Industrial Engineering and Management O.P. Khanna
4 Industrial Engineering and Management C.Natha Muhi Reddy
5 Specifications of Industrial Engineering and Management: A New Perspective
Philip E Hicks
6. Quantitative Models in Operations and SCM G. Srinivasan

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