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Applied Thermodynamics

Unit-I Thermodynamic relations: Mathematical conditions for exact differentials. Maxwell Relations, Clapeyron Equation, Joule-Thompson coefficient and Inversion curve. Coefficient of volume expansion, Adiabatic & Isothermal compressibility.
Boilers: Steam generators-classifications. Working of fire-tube and water-tube boilers, boiler mountings & accessories, Draught & its calculations, air pre heater, feed water heater, super heater. Boiler efficiency, Equivalent evaporation. Boiler trial and heat balance. Condenser: Classification of condenser, Air leakage, Condenser performance parameters
Steam & Gas Nozzles: Flow through nozzle, Variation of velocity, Area and specific volume, Choked flow, Throat area, Nozzle efficiency, off design operation of nozzle, Effect of friction on nozzle, super saturated flow.
Steam Turbines : Classification of steam turbine, Impulse and reaction turbines, Staging, Stage and overall efficiency, Reheat factor, Bleeding, Velocity diagram of simple & compound multistage impulse & reaction turbines & related calculations work done efficiencies of reaction, Impulse reaction Turbines, state point locus, Losses in steam turbines, Governing of turbines. Gas Turbine: Gas turbine classification Brayton cycle, Principles of gas turbine, Gas turbine cycles with intercooling, reheat and regeneration and their combinations, Stage efficiency, Polytropic efficiency. Deviation of actual cycles from ideal cycles.
Jet Propulsion: Introduction to the principles of jet propulsion, Turbojet and turboprop engines & their processes, Principle of rocket propulsion, Introduction to Rocket Engine. Introduction to working of IC engines: Compression Ignition engines, Spark Ignition engines, 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, Performance parameters of IC engine. Fuels and Combustion: Combustion analysis, Heating Values, Air requirement, Air/Fuel ratio, Standard heat of Reaction and effect of temperature on standard heat of reaction, heat of formation, adiabatic flame temperature.

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