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Comp. Integrated Manufacturing

INTRODUCTION TO FMS, RMS, CIM: Introduction to FMS, FMS equipment, tool management system, system layouts, reconfigurable machines and systems, CIM technology issues, CIM Models.
MATERIAL HANDLING, STORAGE & DATA COLLECTION: Functions, types, analysis of material handling equipment’s. Design of conveyor and AGV systems, storage system performance, AS/RS, carousel storage system, WIP storage system, interfacing handling storage with manufacturing. Automatic data collection, bar code technology, Radio Frequency Identification.
PROCESS PLANNING: Approaches to process planning, CAPP- variant approach and generative approach, study of a typical process planning, system. ERP MODULES: Materials, human resource, production, sales, marketing and finance, dynamic enterprise modeling.
NETWORKS: Computer networks, a perspective, goals, applications, switching techniques, circuit switching, message switching, packet switching, network components, existing network, ARPANET, concepts of network protocol, OSI reference model.
LAN & ACCESS TECHNIQUES: Topologies - star, ring, bus. Ethernet, transmission media, protocols, polling, contention, ALOHA, CSMA, CSMA/CD, token ring protocols, performance comparisons.
INTERNETWORKING DEVICES: Principles, repeaters, bridges, routing with bridges, routers, gateways, hubs and switches, TCP/IP protocol structure, internet protocol, transmission protocol, applications.
FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING: Networking concepts, LOSI, MAP, TOP, LAN and WAN, internet and related technologies, collaborative engineering. CIM CASE STUDIES: CIM implementation, integration, benefits of CIM.
Mini-project: Product/machine part is to be taken up and by teams comprising no more than 4 members, and they are to use the skills they learn in class to design, analyze and make them.

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