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Advanced Mfg. Processes

Introduction: historical development, need of advanced manufacturing process, classification
Surface characterization: Importance of surface characterization, nature of surface, surface characterization parameters- average roughness parameters, and statistical analysis, measuring techniques
Mechanical Energy Processes: Ultrasonic machining, water and abrasive jet machining, abrasive flow machining. -Operating principle –Process parameters Applications –Advantages and Limitations.
Severe Plastic Deformation Processes: Friction stir welding and processing, equal channel angular pressing, High pressure torsion, Friction welding, high energy ball milling, ultrasonic peening, repetitive corrugation and straightening
Electric and Thermal Energy Processes: Electrical discharge machining (EDM), Electrical discharge wire cutting (EDWC), Electron beam machining (EBM), Ion
Beam Machining (IBM), Plasma Beam Machining (PBM), Laser assisted machining, -Operating principle-Process parameters -Applications –Limitations
Chemical and Electrochemical Processes: Chemical milling, Electro chemical machining (ECM), Electro chemical drilling (ECD), Electro chemical grinding (ECG), Electro chemical honing (ECH), Electropolishing, Ultrasonic assisted electrochemical machining -Operating principle -Process parameters - Applications -Limitations.
Micro-Nano Manufacturing Processes: Principle of micromachining, abrasive micromachining processes –grinding, lapping, and micro-ultrasonic. Micro-EDM and laser machining, lithography, thin film deposition techniques, dry and wet etching, deep reactive ion etching
Additive Manufacturing: Introduction, application, classification, powder bed fusion processes, extrusion-based processes, sheet lamination processes, direct energy deposition processes.

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