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Bioinspiration and Biomimetic Robotics

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Nature through years of evolution has already engineered several plant (Lotus, Salvinia, Wheat, etc.) and animal species (Fish, Duck, Butterfly, Water-strider etc.) to exhibit special characteristics to help them adopt to their biosphere. For instance, Lotus, known for its purity, is able to resist the formation of biofouling while floating in water during its life-time. Similarly, wings of butterfly possess directional wetting characteristics which helps it to dispense-off the accumulated rain water, thereby assisting it in flying. Superoleophobic character in Filefish and Leafhoppers and anti-biofouling nature of Shark’s skin helps them to retain clean surfaces. Simultaneously, Manta Ray exhibits efficient swimming characteristics with peculiar propulsion mechanism. Field of Biomimetics and Biorobotics involves development of nature-inspired functionally advanced surfaces, materials and robots possessing unique characteristics. 



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Rupin Bhatnagar
Aviral Sundli
Sharveshwaran U