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Surface Science and Tribology Lab

Surface Science and Tribology (SST) research group is involved in multifaceted research, primarily dealing with various surface phenomena and material degradation. These include surface strengthening for limiting degradation by wear, erosion and corrosion, tailoring cell-substrate interface for development of advanced multi-functional bio-implants, and development of self-cleaning durable surfaces. Different techniques are used for surface modification including high strain-rate deformation using submerged friction stir processing, surface texturing at different length-scales and deposition of thick coatings using microwave and thermal spraying. The other impetus of our research is on development and application of advanced structural materials such as high entropy alloys, bulk metallic glasses and metallic glass composites for a range of different applications. The lab is equipped with universal tribometer for wear and tribo-corrosion studies, electro-chemical test rig for electrochemical corrosion studies, ultrasonic vibratory oscillator for cavitation studies, goniometer for probing the wetting behavior of materials and various in-house build erosion testers. 



Dr. Harpreet Grewal

Lab Equipments