Design and Development of S shaped Coriolis Mass Flowmeter | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Design and Development of S shaped Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Flow measurement is very important in various fields such as industrial application, irrigation application, nuclear application etc.  In recent decade, many industries adopted Coriolis mass flow meter (CMF) in mass flow metering due to its inherent characteristics viz. it measure true mass flow rate directly, meter is linear without requiring any adjustment for variations in liquid properties. The meter is especially useful for measuring liquids whose viscosity varies with velocity at given temperatures and pressures. The geometry of CMF (Coriolis mass flowmeter) tube may be of straight tube shape, U tube type, omega shape, S shape, L shape, stair shape.
An experimental setup of CMF has been designed and developed indigenously in which various shape and size of measuring tubes can be mounted (Refer picture of CMF’s test rig). This setup consists of hydraulic unit, test bench, electrodynamic shaker, laser displacement sensors, electromagnetic flowmeter and DAQ enabled virtual instrumentation. The developed experimental set up of CMF has been calibrated with electromagnetic flow meter. The performance of CMF is significantly affected by locations of sensors, length to width ratio, and excitation frequency of the tube. In view of this, a parametric study of Coriolis mass flow meter is proposed. Furthermore, the comparative performance of CMFs having tubes of different materials viz. CMF tubes made of aluminium, copper will be investigated.


Assistant Professor