Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal and Dr. Harpreet Arora received research funding from CSIR for his project titled "Development of Durable Self-Cleaning Surfaces"

Project Details: Objects with self-cleaning character are often desired and admired, for example lotus leaf. Self-cleaning characteristics help reduces the maintainability issues of structures along with increasing their aesthetic appeal. Nature through years of evolution has already engineered several plant (Lotus, wheat, rice etc.) and animal species (Duck, butterfly, water strider etc.) that do possess self-cleaning property. In the present project, we intend to develop self-cleaning durable surfaces. Although, several attempts has been made in the literature for mimicking the self-cleaning traits from nature. However, development of robust self-cleaning surfaces, resilient enough to sustain the aggressive working conditions are often desired. Surface engineering at micro- and nano-scale is required to develop self-cleaning property. Through various micro/nano fabrication techniques, mesoscale structures with modulated physiochemical properties will  be generated. Durability studies simualting differnet working conditions will be performed.