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Career Opportunities

Mechanical engineering is the broadest and one of the oldest branches of engineering. A degree in mechanical engineering opens up a variety of career options for graduates.Mechanical engineers are required to design, evaluate, manufacture, install, and operate a wide array of machines and mechanical systems. These professionals can find employment in both public and a private sector. The industries that generally apply mechanical engineers automobiles, aeronautical, energy and utilities, building systems, control and instrumentation, among others. Many of our graduated students got admission and fellowships for doing masters and PhD in well-reputed universities around the globe such as National University of Singapore, Penn State University, Ecole Centrale Nantes, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Twente, Delft University of Technology, University of Leeds, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore etc. Students also got job offers from Mitsubishi Heavy Machinery, TAFE, Schindler, ONGC, Arvos Energy, AIS Glass, Ashok Layland name a few.

The Career Development Centre at the Shiv Nadar University supports the students in shaping and managing their careers by building key ingredients required for a student to be a complete professional. The Intensive Student Development Program focuses on Training students on various Skills through Career Counseling, Boot Camps and Talks while the Industry Connect Program builds a network of Partnering Organizations focusing on Industry Leadership Talks, Mentorship Program, Internships and eventually Placements

Students at the University have an opportunity and access to personalized counseling sessions with expert counselors at the University's Career Development Center (CDC). The Career Development Center (CDC) conducts an orientation on the counseling sessions for the first year University students. After the orientation, the students have an individual counseling session with the core team of counselors at the Center. These sessions are informative as well as serve as a basic steering mechanism for students to become aware of and get a sense of the future course of action. The sessions not only enable the CDC team along with the students to assess their interests, strengths, and areas of improvement but also play a key role in guiding the student to either enroll in the campus placement program or opt for higher education services. After completing personalized counseling session a customized training program is designed for every student.