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B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

The major in Mechanical Engineering is designed considering the current needs of Industry and Society. Mechanical Engineering plays a major role in structuring the real world, the systems we use, the means by which we commute and the energy that powers these to deliver the basic necessities of life.

Key Information

Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering (SoE)
Bhupender Verma
Ph: 0120-3819100 (701)
Total Credits
Core Credits 
Major Electives 
University Wide Electives (min) 
Core Common Curriculum (min) 
(Minimum CCC and UWE credits required are 18 and 18 respectively)

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture and maintain machinery used by all disciplines of engineering. This discipline has attracted outstanding individuals and helped in addressing the crucial technical challenges in the contemporary world. The career path of a mechanical engineer is largely determined by individual choice – a unique advantage in an ever-changing competitive world. The studies of mechanical engineers focus on material science, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, controls, hydraulic machines, design and manufacturing. To summarize, the versatility, wide-ranging scope and universal relevance of mechanical engineering opens up career avenues in all possible branches of the engineering profession.

The faculty in the department mostly teach the subjects they specialize in during their research and industry experience. Thus imparting knowledge that goes far beyond class room learning. Results are obvious when many of our (more than 10%) of our graduates go on for post graduate studies and some even go straight for doctorate, while remaining opting for industry jobs. Almost all of our faculty in the department have funded research projects from government agencies and are active in research. The students get the unique opportunity to participate in research at the undergraduate level, which is a rarity in India. Schemes such as Opportunity for Undergraduate Research (OUR) fund such research activities. Engineering and mechanical engineering in particular has great potential, however it is important to have a vision for future in order to thrive in this field and our curriculum and academic environment are fine tuned to allow budding engineers to reach their full potential.