Minor in Mechanical Engineering

Minor in Mechanical Engineering would be offered to those Engineering Students who have cleared the Physics, and Maths courses from the Basic Sciences and Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics/Static and Dynamics and Manufacturing Processes from Engineering Sciences categories.

Total Courses required for Civil Engineering students: Any five (Except MED211 Mechanics of Fluids) from the below course list.
Total Courses required: Non-Civil Engineering & Basic Science students:  Any six from the below course list.

Course list for Minor in Mechanical Engineering 

S.NoCourse NameCourse CodeCreditsPrerequisitesCore/ ElectiveSemester (Even/ Odd)
1Mechanics of FluidsMED2114NoneCoreOdd
2Engg. ThermodynamicsMED2053NoneCoreEven
3Manufacturing ScienceMED2084Manufacturing ProcessesCoreOdd
4Kinematics & Dynamics of MachinesMED2064Statics & Dynamics/ Engg. MechanicCoreEven
5Heat & Mass TransferMED3034Engg. ThermodynamicsCoreOdd
6Fluid MachineryMED3063NoneCoreEven
7Operations ResearchMED4073NoneCoreOdd
8Solar EnergyMED4033Engg. Thermodynamics and Heat & Mass TransferElectiveEven
9I.C.Engines & AutomobilesMED3154Engg. ThermodynamicsElectiveOdd
Note:    1. Total no. of seats for Minor in Mechanical Engineering Department for IInd & IIIrd year students are 10 each.
                2. All students are advised to check the flow of courses as it varies in even & odd semester.