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About the Department

Mechanical Engineering plays a major role in structuring the real world, the systems we use, the means by which we commute and the energy that powers these to deliver the basic necessities of life. Mechanical engineers design, manufacture and maintain machinery used by all disciplines of engineering.

This discipline has attracted outstanding individuals and helped in addressing the crucial technical challenges in the contemporary world. The career path of a mechanical engineer is largely determined by individual choice – a unique advantage in an ever-changing... read more

Recent News & Activities

23 Oct 2017
Topics:  ✔ Fluid Flows ✔ Turbulence ✔ Characteristics of Turbulent Flows ✔ Governing Equations ✔ Reynolds Decomposition and... read more
16 Jun 2020
Hexapod robot is exciting research because of its legged motion capability which suits all terrain. Here researchers at Shiv Nadar... read more
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