Finite Element Methods | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Finite Element Methods

Module 1:
Introduction: General Description of Finite Element Method: Steps in Finite Element Analysis
Module: 2
Discretization of the domain, 1-D element and computational procedure and node numbering scheme, Interpolation Models, Different formulation technique Virtual Work and Variational Principle, Galerkin Method, PMPE. Numerical solution of finite element equations – Equilibrium problem, Eignenvalue problem and propagation problem
Module 3:
Element Properties : Natural Coordinates : Triangular Elements : Rectangular Elements : Lagrange and Serendipity Element family : Solid Elements : Isoparametric
Formulation Numerical Integration: One Dimensional : Numerical Integration: Two and Three Dimensional. Analysis of truss, beams, frames and plates and solids of revolution. Coordinate Transformation – stress, strain and material property transformation. Dynamic Analysis.
Module 4:
Application to heat transfer problems.
Module 5:
Application to Fluid Mechanics Problems,
ANSYS and ADINA demonstration.

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