Design Lab for Lubrication System

  • Wear defect in Bearing

Lubrication is one of the most important aspect in the operation of any rotating machinery.  Lubrication serves many critical functions viz.  Reducing wear by separating moving surfaces, Reducing friction between the rotating and stationary components, Absorbing shock, Dampening noise, Carrying heat generated by friction within the bearing, Removing heat transmitted down the shaft from the process end of the machine, Minimizing corrosion, Keeping contaminates away from the bearing components, Flushing contaminants away from bearings,  Acting as a sealing medium etc.

Improper Lubrication may leads to the failure of any machine component in relative motion. It is normally through the neglect of lubricants and lubrication systems that equipment fails prematurely. The vigilance of a lubrication engineer plays a central role in maximizing the useful life of a machine's lubrication system. All machines require lubrication of their radial and axial bearings in order to maintain the rotor's position relative to the casing and to ensure reliable operation.

The objective of this research lab is to inculcate the students about the principal of different regimes of lubrication in keys mechanical elements viz.  journal and thrust bearings, gears and rolling element bearings.  This lab provides a massive platform to the researchers for carrying out the lubrication related research activities especially lubrications in journal bearings and gears.

An experimental set up of Coriolis Mass flow meter has been design and developed indigenously to measure the mass flow rate. This project is a part of research project sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Board (DST) under Young Scientist Scheme.  CMF is widely applicable in oil based and food processing industries and provide more accurate measurement than the other mass measuring instrument. Further, the design and development of Experimental setup to analyse the performance of a journal bearing operating under stringent condition and elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) of gears are also proposed.

The people having an acute research interest in the core engineering solution of lubrication problem of bearing and gears and dreaming for the advancement in the lubrication system are welcomed to be a part of the research group.



Lab Equipments